Cross Platform Mobile Application Development

The demand for mobile application development is increasing day by day, many new concepts are coming to the market to improve the mobile application industry One of them is the development of cross-platform mobile applications Before the introduction of cross-platform mobile...Read More

Is React Native the Future of Hybrid App Development?

Google Trends maintains that “React Native app development” is one of the most popular search terms, even ahead of the term “hybrid app development” Many industry giants have leveraged the power of React Native to advance their brands, including Tesla, Facebook,...Read More

Do mobile apps need to be expensive?

  After hearing this question repeatedly from start-ups, Perfected Tech was determined to tackle expensive applications by developing application development tools and system that would significantly reduce the cost of web application development and mobiles The...Read More

why choose xamarin for cross-platform app development

With the cross-platform app development approach, you can build apps that use both native and web development approaches with standards like HTML5, Javascript, and CSS There are many frameworks out there, but now we'll see why you should choose Xamarin to build cross-platform...Read More

Designing and Developing Mobile Sites Development

A web development company creates mobile development sites for better accessibility So when mobile sites became so famous, what exactly did the term mean Mobile development is not so much about the device, but how you use the device You might have your desktop PC, but...Read More

IOS Application Development – Simple Apps for Small Companies

A few years ago, software development was only a source of income for the majority of companies; however, the notoriety and production of smartphones has merged with the increase in the number of people using smartphones to browse the Internet With around millions of users...Read More

Mobile Commerce Trends

With this technology, buying, selling and transferring financial information can be done using the mobile Mobile commerce has a great advantage over conventional means of commerce as people are glued to mobile devices Mobile provides the single platform to users for data...Read More

Benefits of Responsive mobile website design

it is the era of cell phones Manufacturers are energizing the market with hundreds of I-phones and tablets at different prices Several ecosystems such as Bada, Android and Windows Phone have won in an already crowded I phone market previously dominated by Symbia, Apple iOS and...Read More

Factors To Consider When Choosing A Programming Language

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Mobile app vs. Website for eCommerce

However, that doesn't mean that the web platform can be neglected entirely in favor of the mobile platform, or having a web app will mean that you will tap into a larger market share Even though people prefer the mobile platform for online shopping, studies have also shown that...Read More

Mobile Application Testing Types

Testing and Quality Assurance (QA) is a very important part of any development lifecycle, especially for mobile platforms In many ways, mobile app testing is more difficult than desktop or web programs, due to the diversity of target platforms, myriad options in system...Read More

Latest Trends and Tips in Android Application Development

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