Where Mobile Apps are Headed in the Next Five Years

Here are the top mobile app development trends of 2021 that everyone should know, be it a user, developer, or someone willing to develop an app for their business & it is also useful for mobile app development company Beacon Technology  Beacon technology is a low-level...Read More

Laravel Framework for PHP Development

The market for Laravel development in USA is ever-thriving The PHP web programming language is already used to build almost half of all websites on the internet However, several people are dissatisfied with most PHP frameworks’ mediocrity, mainly because there are better...Read More


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What you Need to know Hybrid & Web Native app Development

Native, hybrid and web app development is all the rage, native and hybrid apps are types of mobile apps Developing web applications is different in many ways Web application development is all about websites and web applications, while the other two are about mobile applications...Read More

Requirements of web application development company

You need to know about Web application Development Company and use a web design company in case you are part of a commercial enterprise or planning to start one First of all, let me clarify this basic fact that web development and web design are NOT the same Designers usually...Read More


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Top Web Development Trends in 2021

Here are the most modern web development trends that must be part of your web development campaign and implemented in 2021 Progressive web apps Mobile apps are one of the new trends in web development Today, mobile devices represent a significant portion of web traffic, over...Read More

Tips for Effective Mobile App Deployment

But simply deploying a popular mobile app doesn't guarantee its effective use Mobile applications deployed in an enterprise must be compatible not only with the technological understanding of the workforce, but also with the mobile demands of its services and target audience...Read More

Steps to Successful Mobile Application Marketing

The design of a mobile application must be functional, unique and attractive to attract a growing number of users However, the design and usefulness of mobile applications fail to ensure their market success and high download rates among customers in all sectors of the economy...Read More

How to Create a Secure Mobile Application

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Essential Mobile App Testing Stages

Agile and CI / CD methods have added a trend for quick and frequent code delivery The average duration of each sprint is ten days Engineers should write test cases for particular pieces of code or functions to test them at the end of each sprint One of the ways to improve the...Read More

Tips for Creating Mobile Sites

The number of smartphone users has continued to increase Research has shown that the non-appearance of mobile phone sites causes unreported and bad browsing experiences by many cell phone users, due to slow loading of items and directly from poor browsing structure The sites are...Read More