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What is Regression Testing

Regression Testing

Regression testing is considered to be a kind of test that is performed to verify that any modification of the software code has no negative effect on the existing functionality of the product. What is Regression Testing.

This is done to ensure that the software is functioning properly with the latest features, bug fixes or to introduce changes in existing functionality. Test cases that were previously run are rerun to verify the effect of the change.

Automated Regression Testing :

Automated regression testing is recognized as the testing area in which the majority of testing efforts are automated. Here, all of the test cases that were run previously are run on a new build. Running and running test cases manually takes a long time.

Regression testing is similar to a verification process. Here, the test cases are known to be automated because it is essential to run and execute the test cases repeatedly manually. Executing and manually executing test cases is a tedious and time-consuming process. Software Testing Services

Few problems can occur in the confirmation email and some code changes are made to correct the same problem. It is essential to test confirmation emails in such cases. It is necessary to test the sent and acceptance emails to ensure that if any changes were introduced in the code, they did not lead to any bugs or errors.

Automating test cases saves a lot of time and is therefore considered to be an effective regression testing technique. The extent of automation is based on the total number of test cases that will be applied over time.

If the test cases differ from moment to moment, the scope of the application improves and thus the automation of the regression becomes a waste of time. The majority of regression testing tools, available on the market, are known to be of the read and record type. The test cases are saved by browsing via AUT and checking whether the expected results will arrive or not.

Katalon Studio :

Katalon Studio is recognized as an all-in-one automation tool for desktop, API, website, and mobile apps. Using this tool, you will be successfully designing and automating test cases in no time.

It also allows you to run the scripts on a plethora of multi-browser devices in parallel. In addition to that, it also helps you review test results with a personalized and comprehensive test report in CSV, HTML, Logs, and PDF formats and transmits them as attachments through Katalon Studio.

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