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Ionic Framework for App Development

framework has been in the discussions for mobile app development solutions for quite a long time and has been a blessing for the developers of phone gap. Personally, I am a huge fan of the Ionic framework for many reasons. Lets break them down one by one. Ionic Framework for App Development

Ionic is open source

One of the main advantages of the Ionic framework is that it is open source, free to use. Such a powerful framework that adds to the fact that cordova is available for free is a big deal. The good thing is that even though it’s free, ionic has never had any stability issues.

Ionic is easy to use

The main development base of ionic is HTML, CSS, and javascript which are familiar to almost all developers. This web-based approach helps the developer to easily learn ionics and create an effortless user interface. Another good thing about ionic is that you just need to code once and run for all mobile devices. So basically it’s just a programming language for all mobile Oses.

Ionic is built on top of Angular

Angular is one of the most powerful frameworks in use today and Ionic is built on top of Angular. Angular by default is built into ionic which is great as you can also talk to Angular communities in case there are any issues in developing an app using an ionic framework. If developers are familiar with Angular, working with ionic will be a snap.

Espirit technologies has a great user interface

Espirit technologies major design elements by default, follows major guidelines, which means apps have their own unique look and feel depending on the platform they’re running. There are many elements which are perfectly well designed and all are ready to use which becomes easy for developers to use. It is also fluid and responsive.mobile app development company

Few inconveniences

Espirit technologies is not the right choice for creating heavy applications like 3D or video games or large video manipulations. There are no plugins available for everything. You will have to do some programming to build something specific. Ionic is difficult to use when your code relies heavily on third-party applications.

Overall, Espirit technologies is a great framework to use. Depending on your needs, you want to combine two or more frameworks or can even compose your own framework.

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