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CRM Development

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management and is used to track the behavior, attitude and purchasing characteristics of your customers. Custom CRM is software designed specifically to complement the needs of an organizational marketing / sales channel. The CRM is responsible for analyzing the experience of customers (prospects) and telling us how they end up in the buyer’s journey through your organization’s marketing and sales channel.

CRM plays a major role in overall business growth as it connects the marketing, sales, service and support channels of the business. It connects every employee in the organization through a single streamlined channel to nurture the lead, no matter what stage the prospect is at.The development of personalized CRM is developed keeping in mind the specific objective and requirements of the organization. This is the main difference that distinguishes personalized CRM from out-of-the-box CRMs.

Suppose you want to integrate mobile functionality directly into your company’s CRM development so that your team can access the CRM directly from their mobile devices. Assign tasks while on the go, get notification of customer activity or interaction. The possibilities are endless with custom CRM software development.


Succeeding with CRM requires planning, implementation, reinforcement, optimization of best practices . Our CRM solutions are designed to provide these services in a coordinated manner to clients.

Create a CRM roadmap and define the CRM strategy

System architecture review and audit

Optimization of applications and databases

Integration of CRM with other ERP systems

CRM integration for marketing campaign tools

Support for CRM integration with Outlook, Gmail, etc.

Upgrade, migration and maintenance

Synchronize and automate sales, marketing and customer service

Planning, design and management of marketing campaigns

Personalized lead management solution

Develop a personalized CRM dashboard for decision makers

CRM software evaluation

CRM advice and technical support


Suite CRM is an open source software which makes it highly flexible to be customized as per your business. This means you can use all enterprise-grade features you need the way you want.  Suite CRM can be hosted locally as well as on cloud, assuring your data is safe and protected. In addition, information that passes between your computer and the servers are encipher using a technology called SSL, the same technology that invest use to protect data .Suite CRM supports assimilation with a dimension of prominent small-business solutions for user support, email marketing, document management and accounting. Suite CRM brings a exhaustive contact management system.

Implementing Suite CRM can be a huge step for an organization. And if done right, it can improve the operational efficiency of your key departments like sales, marketing, and operations. Suite CRM also allows you to sell more and service better while saving costs. If you want to keep full control over your data and make it work for you, we have the experts to help you with this.

Espirit Technologies  provides end-to-end business solutions for integrating business processes by leveraging information technology. Espirit Technologies provide solutions for a dynamic environment where business and technology strategies converge. With over 10 years of industry experience, Espirit Technologies offers various enterprise suitable business models to the customers to ensure competitive advantage.

why we are best ?

Espirit Technologies is a leading industry, offering a wide range of services in the CRM systems for businesses and enhances the compliance, compatibility and performance of the firm.
Our professional experts are highly experienced to provide SugarCRM development and modification with great ease and we apply a systematic approach to understand and customize the needs of the business.
We work with an aim to get improved client satisfaction and provide manageable and methodical workflow to the clients with customized and flexible CRM services.
Espirit Technologies provides your business with sharp and vibrant systems that automate and streamline the workflow of the business.