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Mobile App vs Web App

Mobile App:

Mobile App vs Web Apps are part of our daily routine and very few live in an isolated world far from mobile apps. Any application that can run on a handheld or mobile device (such as a smartphone or tablet) with the function of providing a service to its users is classified as a mobile application.Espirit Technologies best mobile app development company

iOS and Android are the leaders in mobile applications, followed by Microsoft. Most organizations focus on developing apps for iOS and Android first and target the remaining platforms when they catch up. This is due to the large user base for Android and iOS in the global market, both hovering around 75.85% and 22.87% respectively.


Faster than web apps

Can access devices/system resources such as a camera or GPS

Can function without an internet connection


More expensive to develop compared to web apps

Designing and building the app from scratch is usually required in order for it to be compatible with different platforms such as iOS and Android

Can be costly to maintain and consistently update

Web App:

We design web applications to be fully functional and accessible on any device a user chooses to use. Mobile or desktop browser, our web apps work just as well regardless of how your users access them.

Sometimes the differences between a web app and a mobile website can be a bit confusing. To clarify, a web application is essentially a website designed in a fluid manner and tailored to respond to viewing on a mobile device’s web browser.

Unlike mobile apps, web apps don’t need to be downloaded, so users can access them through internet connectivity.


No need to be downloaded or installed

web applications run in the browser

Easy to maintain – they have a common code base regardless of the mobile platform

Will update themselves


Does not work without an internet connection
Are slower than mobile apps
They can be difficult to find because they are not hosted in a specific database like an app marketplace

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