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Principles Of Web Application Development

principle 1

It is a gray area and the answers are not so obvious. Productivity shares a direct relationship with speed and there is a different one required for each application to be developed. For complex web applications, it will be less; for the simplest, it will be more. Trying to speed up the development of complex applications could confuse its specifications; worse, it could render the application completely unusable! Then even security could suffer a setback as well as its ability to adapt to future needs. The list goes on here.

So productivity is about building an application in the most efficient way possible, which translates into the perfect balance between speed and quality.

principle 2

A quality application goes beyond just meeting specifications. Rather, it is an application which is suitable to be used for the present and also for the future; an application that adapts to the evolution of technology. In this way, it will be able to meet the long-term needs of the users and evolve with the activities of the users. In addition, another advantage that it will bring is that it will be easily maintainable.

principle 3

It’s almost obvious. Frankly, as with any product, you have to think about user acceptability. The ever-changing web has changed tools and methodologies with the emergence of new devices, but that hasn’t changed the most fundamental principle, which is – The user must find it usable! Familiarizing yourself with the latest technology or putting together too much to shorten TAT is no excuse for not providing a great user experience. application development services company

principle 4

The online assets of any business are primarily attacked through their web applications and attackers target authentication protocols, access controls and all data related to privacy. Common vulnerabilities (Cross-Site Scripting and SQL Injection) are exploited and although they are common knowledge, they are ignored by most developers. But security isn’t something you can add at the end; it needs to be built into web design development from the moment you lay the first stripe. Authentication mechanisms must be in place from the start to secure data in transit.

principle 5

The range of devices and platforms in today’s world makes it an absolute necessity. Need not say anything more.