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Virtualization Services

Virtualization Services is critical to achieving many strategic IT goals, including cost reduction, data center consolidation, architecture streamlining, and the physical-to-logical migration that currently results in cloud computing. It lays the foundation for cloud computing.

Virtualization enables a fundamental change in the way businesses manage, deploy and deliver IT. In an increasingly dynamic, agile and connected world, customers look forward to a flexible and dynamic IT infrastructure. Virtualization is seen as very useful for improving resource utilization, speeding up resource delivery, and encapsulating the workload for automation.

Espirit Technologies virtualization services consolidate servers, storage and network infrastructure to maximize utilization and save significant amounts of money for our customers. Our department deploys all the tools and support needed to improve the scalability and usability of the system.

what is services virtualization ?

Service virtualization is the abstraction of a physical service through a proxy or an intermediary service. With service virtualization, the service intermediary interacts with the service consumer (i.e. the service or application making a request) and masks the physical location of the service provider (i.e. i.e. the service or application that provides the functionality). In other words, the communication between the service provider and the service consumer takes place through a service intermediary, creating a gateway for the integration of the applications

Server Virtualization services

Extensive experience and expertise in implementing virtualized environment using VMware, Microsoft Hyper-V and HP Integrity VM

Hands-on experience in Open Source Virtualization tools such as Xen, Open VZ, QEMU, KVM and VirtualBox

In-depth technical and implementation skills in virtualization functionalities such as VMware v Motion, Oracle Secure Live Migration, HP Online VM Migration and VM with Service guard
Network/Storage Virtualization

Implementation experience in HP Virtual Connect (VC) Technology and HP VC Flex-10 modules for blade servers (LAN & SAN). Technology expertise in VLAN, HP APA and VMware Virtual Switch

Storage provisioning expertise using HP EVA 4000, HP EVA 6000, HP MSA1000, NAS, SAN switches such as Brocade and QLogic, and applications like HP Command View EVA and SSSU
Data Center Management and Monitoring

Expertise in Integrated Management systems for virtualized environment such as VMware v Center Server, HP Insight Control Suite and OpenStack

Software packages deployed for HA
Clustering options from Red Hat, Novell/SUSE
Oracle RAC

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