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Essential Mobile app Testing Stages

Functional Testing :

As the name suggests, functional testing is a software testing process that ensures the product will function for basic business functionality after confirming the presence of its functional requirements. By evaluating and reviewing each function of the product with the defined business requirement, we test the credibility of the software in providing the required output to the end-user. When reviewing the product with mandatory user acceptance testing such as smoke testing, white box testing, black-box testing, unit testing, and many more

Automation Testing:

in the past productive years, our testing and quality assurance departments have focused on increasing testing efficiency and developing software value. Software Testing Services Thus, flourishing as the most preferred among the best automation test (Test and QA) service providers in the industry, we are renowned for our credible team and highly reliable techniques. As part of our automation test services, we use Selenium, Katalon Studio, UFT / QTP, Watir, TestComplete, Tricentis Tosca, Ranorex, Robot framework, and our custom automation test frameworks to run and complete the cycle of the test as little as possible. time.

Security testing:

Witness a large number of privacy breaches that businesses face today; security tests have acquired major importance in the development strategy of the company. By uncovering vulnerabilities in application functionality and preserving breaches of privacy, our expert testing team has made us the most trusted QA and testing service provider following the world’s best testing methodologies. sector. By ensuring that application risks are minimized, our testing services provide maximum data protection.

Mobile Application Testing :

Despite gaining a profitable commercial market, the success of an application lies in maintaining its quality. As an application testing service provider, we examine the functionality, usability, and consistency of the application with standard manual and automated testing methods, using competitive testing tools such as Appium, Calabash, Frank iOS, Monkey Talk, Robotium, Selendroid, KeepItFunctional (KIF), EarlGrey, Ranorex, and EggPlant, which are achievable with native, hybrid, and web apps. Thus, providing a customer-centric mobile application testing service