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Static & Dynamic Software Testing

Software testing involves testing new software by using it before it is released. This testing process is performed in order to spot and locate any type of existing issues or technical issues. This can be done by executing code. Static & Dynamic Software Testing.

Software Testing:

This code can be a small component or a program. This process is also called dynamic testing. This type of test can be performed automatically using a test tool or manually. Whether done automatically or manually, code execution is used. Software Testing Services

Software testing also involves what is called “static testing”. This type of testing is also called code walkthroughs. It is the inspection of any software that does not need code execution. People also refer to this type of testing as “walkthroughs and inspections”. It is clear from this denomination that the term software testing is preferably used to refer to any type of testing process which includes carrying out tests. a specific code for the test. Despite this, the use of both types of testing, static testing, and dynamic testing, is a very vital part of any quality control strategy.


Software testing for any software quality control included in the SDLC must go through both types of testing, dynamic and static. This means that technical specifications, test plans, and business requirements must be subjected to “visits and inspections”, also known as static testing. Everyone knows that dynamic tests can run automatically without inferring the human element. The same can be applied to static tests as they can also be automated to save a lot of time and effort. For example, using a tool capable of measuring code complexity for a specific program can be an example of an automatic static test tool.

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