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Testing and QA Services

Testing and QA Services Overview

The Contemporary Volatile business environment has made quality assurance & management systems more significant than ever. Enterprises are constantly leaning towards adopting quality assurance due to inherent benefits, scalability, and swiftness. Besides, the challenges and drawbacks associated with the traditional QA systems. It has made enterprises choose for a seamless quality management environment. Software Testing services help the company to ensure the software is functional, reliable, secure, and user-friendly. Espirit technologies are ready to take up a testing project of any scale and complexity. It introduces an efficient quality assurance process, and enhance your software quality management strategy. Our team of Quality analysts, testers have been working on several projects and delivered many projects with no errors on the website.

Espirit Technologies is also one of the fastest-growing Software Testing services company having over 5000 happy and satisfied customers with over 10 years of experience. Software Testing services is one of our areas of expertise, including e-commerce, retail, multimedia, hospitality, education, advertising, and many more. Espirit Technologies believes in empowering businesses with smart and unique strategies that put you ahead of your competition. We Have proved experience and expertise working with SMEs, large-scale enterprises, and Fortune number clients over the past 10 years. Our team of software testers & QA professionals has experience in various QA and testing services like test automation, performance testing, security testing, and functional testing. Our professional approach all through Espirit Technologies will facilitate enhancing the product/project quality and development experience.

Why Espirit Technologies For Quality Assurance Services?

Espirit technologies is a celebrated name in the domain of quality assurance services. We also offer a whole gamut of quality assurance services inclusive of out-of-the-box ideas, flexible rendition models which complement your business objectives.

Our Quality Assurance Stages In Building

1. Initiation: On the stage of initiation, we conduct thorough requirements, studying and preparing the testing strategy. These requirements can either be functional or non-functional, defining what a feature can do or its characteristics respectively and get a general understanding of the scope of work. and then diving into the business requirements project plan for the client.

2. Planing: In this planning phase we include tools needed, testing steps, and roles and responsibilities. The Part of determining this strategy because it is a risk and cost analysis and an estimated timeline for testing. some planning takes place at the work initial stage. Here we move on to more particular and complex activities, such as analyzing functional, technical, and program specifications, preparing the test plan. and test model.

3. Preparation: This is the step test cases are created. Each case defines test inputs, procedures, execution conditions, and anticipated results. Test cases created by our QA team will be transparent, efficient, and adaptable. Once all test cases are created, test coverage will be 100%. and necessary automation scripts are also created during this phase.

4. Execution: During this phase, the features are tested in the deployed environment, using the established test cases. Expected test results are compared to actual and results are gathered to report back to development teams. Test Incident Record, Interim Level Test Status Reports, and Level Test Records are deliverables after the execution step of the quality assurance process.

5. Release In this step, we summarize the entire testing process and provide comparisons between expected results and actual. These comparisons include objectives met, time taken, total costs, test coverage, and any defects found. and then we finalize and send all agreed deliverables to the customer.

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