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Perl (Practical Extraction and Reporting Language) is an interpreted programming language, which means that the instructions are executed directly and not through previously compiled machine language instructions. Perl is used for a variety of tasks; for example, for developing CGI scripts in web development. Perl was first introduced in 1987 and is used by our customers primarily for scripting purposes.

Perl is an interpreted and dynamic programming language that must be compiled every time before running, and therefore can be conveniently used to develop a variety of applications and software. Perl extends powerful, built-in support for procedural programming, object-oriented programming (OOP), and word processing

Benefits of using perl

Perl offers a plethora of benefits for developers that ultimately trickle down to end users. Perl provides a clean, highly modular, and reusable programming environment. Object oriented programming makes it extensible. It is compatible with multiple platforms and allows multiple and simultaneous DBM implementation. It provides full control of front-end web applications to developers.

Espirit technologies is a leading software development company offering exceptional and best Perl development services at unbeatable prices. We have unmatched expertise in developing web solutions written in Perl. Our team of expert developers have extensive experience in creating and developing l and CGI scripts for Windows, UNIX and Linux operating systems.

One of the core capabilities of our Perl development team is their unmatched ability to develop compelling web solutions, even for the most complex web problems, while delivering successful web solutions at any level of development complexity. In addition, the faster turnaround time and very reasonable prices make us the leading Perl development company serving global customers.

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