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Impact of Mobile Apps on E-Commerce

The impact of mobile devices and technology on businesses and consumers has been major in recent years, especially on e-commerce, and will be even more dominant in the years to come. Mobile data usage is predicted to increase by 80% over the next 5 years. Below are some of the most notable ways that show how mobile apps have changed the face of e-commerce. Impact of Mobile Apps on E-Commerce

Mobile commerce and shopping

Due to the increase in demand, it is also very important nowadays for e-commerce portals to develop their mobile application as around 75% of the traffic comes from there. Due to the ease of use, users prefer to shop on a mobile app instead of accessing the laptop or even opening the site in a mobile browser. mobile app development company

Purchase Traits

According to statistics, most mobile app purchases happen in a fraction of a second. Users don’t take the time to make decisions, and apps are easy to pay for as well.

There is also no doubt that mobile apps keep customers engaged longer if they are well developed and have a good user interface.

Increased reliability

When an eCommerce app is secure, loads fast, provides a perfect UI experience without crashing, users will find the brand reliable. Reliability is also a factor that has the most dramatic impact on mobile application business. The brands that have obtained this result are the best performing.

Brand loyalty

If your eCommerce app is feature rich and not too heavy, it won’t take longer to be the customers’ favorite. Some people have limited space in their phone, so once they generate loyalty to your brand, they will no longer be interested in installing 50 other ecommerce apps and will come back to your app time and time again.


Trust has always been important when there is anything that involves payment. With the increase of mobile apps and the positive reviews they’ve gathered everywhere for security and privacy, people are no longer vigilant about making payment with their cards for shopping online.

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