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Why Is Moblie App So Famous?

Typical approach to mobile application development (infographic).

Mobile technology is rediscovering the way a business interacts with its customers, business partners, employees, and more. Today, the development of mobile applications is no longer a mystifying task, even a 5 year old child is equipped with all the necessary smartphone skills and most applications with ease. Total credit is based on the convenience and responsiveness of the user interface, as well as the wide accessibility of the Internet across the world.

Mobile technology is rediscovering the way a company interacts with its customers, business partners, employees etc. Today, developing mobile applications is no longer a mystifying task, even a 5 year old child is equipped with all the skills to operate a smartphone and most applications with ease. Total credit is based on the convenience and responsiveness of the user interface, as well as the wide accessibility of the Internet across the world.

Although using a smartphone is a simple thing for many of us, but developing an irresistible mobile application is a difficult task for developers and marketers – to understand different aspects such as choosing the right one. platform, understanding the exact requirements of the customer, classification of target audiences. , etc. This usually leads to several complications, resulting in unsuccessful deployments of mobile applications.

To prevent such unsuccessful deployments, it is necessary to understand the basics and process of developing a mobile application. To clarify the misconceptions related to the development of mobile app, the info graphics presented in this article will state

the approximate time it takes to develop an application

the systematic process of mobile device development

the types of applications that can be developed

the approximate cost to build an app based on functionality


Although it seems easy to explain the mobile app development process with info-graphics, developing a mobile app is undoubtedly a complex task. In modern times, when almost every application is linked to the internet, the development process requires more complex programming with strong server support. At the same time, professional designers and skilled programmers are equally important to do the right things collectively, to get the best time and cost for the application deployment.

As the mobile app development company market grows at a higher speed, there is a huge demand for trained mobile application developers who can design tailor-made mobile applications to deliver an enriched mobile experience. This symbolizes the right time to gain in-depth knowledge of the process of developing mobile applications on market-leading platforms, such as Android and iOS.

Why Android Applications Are in Trend Nowadays?

So let’s now talk about why android application are in trend nowadays it’s because people are addicted to these applications and can’t imagine a single day without mobile apps. There are ‘n’ Number of applications with same features and use if given thought about it but still we are so excited for every new launch of mobile application. This is because the impact of smartphones and smartphone android application is huge in our lives. We are experiencing a great change in day to day of what we do . We are so surrounded with these apps that even small work let’s say from business to health to social life and shopping is just a click away and it has increased the productivity of the business by giving an improvised platform for marketing and promotions and not only these, this application helps in connecting customers with suppliers through online feedback and FAQ questions by which it creates a strong relationship between both sides. Mobile App Development Company

By observing the change in the society like how people are addicted and connected with smartphones and apps, the companies are making an update to their application and smartphones thoroughly and we can see that after every 2 or 3 months we can see a new smartphone is launched this is because people demands are increasing as we are in this era where people want a high speed 5G internet and also the fast processing apps and has huge storage capacity. Nowadays we can even schedule our work ask apps to remind us of our works and in this present era buying grocery has become easier as we can schedule on which day we need and can pause of remaining days. Isn’t it strange how we do our every work online and are bit lazy like for example buying of grocery is done on app rather than going out and buying it because in present time buying those things are made simple as per our requirement and convenience and you see how strange it is how this apps made our life so easy and it increased our health problems and same those have launched online fitness consultations and we enroll ourselves to be fit haha …

Let’s see some mobile apps that started a new revolution:

Shopping and mWallet:

If you see that these two are related and have created a big change in the current era, as we can see before, people were lining up to book a ticket and pay bills but with the help of apps Android devices such as Amazonpay and Google Pay make it easy to book and pay for people and even for purchases that women used to browse all over the market to choose the clothes of their preferences, but now with just a few clicks, they not only choose but also buy the product through mWallets.

Text and call:

It has brought a big change in people’s lives. In the beginning people send letters to their loved ones and it takes days to reach and more days to get a response from the other side, not only if a relative stays away from home to win, it takes years and months to see his family, but now, thanks to these Android apps like Skype, Google Duo and WhatsApp, people not only send text, but can also see through the video calling feature created by these companies. It is now easy for people to exchange information and meet online.

Demographic information:

This means that now such apps are being created which allows people to carry their proof of identity, driver’s license and any document virtually on a government-recognized mobile device, which allows people not to carry any. physical papers. Apps like mAadhar, mParivahan, etc.

Top Programming Languages For Mobile App Development

Mobile app developers develop mobile apps for their businesses for different platforms using a particular language that includes a lot of reusable code.

As a mobile app developer, when you want to start a mobile app development company procedure, you need to realize your mobile app idea. You need to validate it and you need to decide and refine the platform after understanding the target market. After you’ve selected the platform you want to build your mobile app on, it’s time to think about which programming language should be on your radar. You need to focus on your business strategy, you need to decide whether to build a native, hybrid, or cross-platform application.


If you want to develop a web application for mobile devices, HTML5 is an ideal language. It allows the insertion of various types of data in an easy way, provides counts for different screen sizes, streamlines input parameters and levels the playing fields of browsers. The problem with this language is that it is still a proposed standard but is currently supported by many browsers. The learning curve in HTML5 is much less steep than using a brand new programming language, resulting in cost efficiency.


Objective-C is a primary language used to build iOS apps. It is chosen by Apple to develop strong and scalable applications. Being a superset of the C language, it has many functions that support graphics, display and I / O functions. As a component of Apple development, it is fully integrated into all frameworks of iOS and macOS. But now it’s slowly traded in the Apple ecosystem through a more functional and powerful programming language called swift.


It is the modern programming language used in the Apple ecosystem. Swift is a foray into writing code for the latest APIs from Apple, Coca and Cocoa Touch. Even though this programming language is coded to work with Objective-C, the Cupertino-based company clearly shows iOS developers to use Swift for full coding.

C ++

C ++ is the most suitable language for developing mobile applications for Android and Windows. It allows mobile applications to grow for each platform. It might not be sleeker, but it conquered the programming planet even before the smartphone revolution.


It is the most preferred programming language in Android application development. Java is an object oriented programming language; it can be run in two ways: in a browser window, in a virtual machine that can run without a browser. Its flexibility has a great advantage when coded to reuse code and update software.

Mobile App For Effective Marketing

Practicing a mobile app is much faster than having to make a mobile website and take surveys there. Web browsing, whether on mobile or computer, requires you to start the web browser, then remember and enter the URL, then wait for the website to load before finally having the content presented in front of you. The pace of the whole process depends on the type of network possible in the region. However, when the consumer starts the app, it just takes a second as most of the content is saved in the app itself, which is why they are likely to use the app even when you are offline.

Provides up-to-date company information to customers

This phrase might have been coined for an entirely different subject, but a more sincere phrase has never been revealed. It is normal to remember only the information that is in front of you and therefore the movement of use, of purchase, of communication with these things is essential. Surely an app on a smartphone has more perceptibility or rate for the consumer because it is there, unlike a web bookmark which can only be reviewed after the browser is started, therefore has less perceptibility and value. A mobile application is always in front of consumers’ eyes on their phones. mobile app development company

It ensures the safety of consumers or users

It would be fair to say that users are now secure on smartphones. Consumers, too, are demanding more apps that tie them into the businesses they want to reach with efficiency and agility. The applications have a more stable relationship and the possibility of more strongly involving consumers. Whether they’re on the go, at home, at their workplace, at the gym, or shopping, a mobile app for your business would always be in their pockets and they can connect to it at will. which prompts them to stay. your application for longer.

Applications can lower the purchase price

Take a look at the situation when you don’t have an app, you would be sending retail information via SMS or other conventional media, which is much more expensive than contacting your consumers through dedicated but effective push notifications. Mobile apps analyze your interactions while allowing you to reach and send messages to your consumers in a secure, immediate and cost-effective manner. In addition, apps have been combined to reduce the workload of information requests and phone calls by providing all important information from within the app.

Mobile App vs Web App

Mobile App:

Mobile App vs Web Apps are part of our daily routine and very few live in an isolated world far from mobile apps. Any application that can run on a handheld or mobile device (such as a smartphone or tablet) with the function of providing a service to its users is classified as a mobile application.Espirit Technologies best mobile app development company

iOS and Android are the leaders in mobile applications, followed by Microsoft. Most organizations focus on developing apps for iOS and Android first and target the remaining platforms when they catch up. This is due to the large user base for Android and iOS in the global market, both hovering around 75.85% and 22.87% respectively.


Faster than web apps

Can access devices/system resources such as a camera or GPS

Can function without an internet connection


More expensive to develop compared to web apps

Designing and building the app from scratch is usually required in order for it to be compatible with different platforms such as iOS and Android

Can be costly to maintain and consistently update

Web App:

We design web applications to be fully functional and accessible on any device a user chooses to use. Mobile or desktop browser, our web apps work just as well regardless of how your users access them.

Sometimes the differences between a web app and a mobile website can be a bit confusing. To clarify, a web application is essentially a website designed in a fluid manner and tailored to respond to viewing on a mobile device’s web browser.

Unlike mobile apps, web apps don’t need to be downloaded, so users can access them through internet connectivity.


No need to be downloaded or installed

web applications run in the browser

Easy to maintain – they have a common code base regardless of the mobile platform

Will update themselves


Does not work without an internet connection
Are slower than mobile apps
They can be difficult to find because they are not hosted in a specific database like an app marketplace

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