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Common Troubles of Startups With Mobile App Development

With the growing demand for mobile apps, the number of mobile app development company is also increasing and they help small and large businesses to reach new heights by applying their knowledge and experience in respective niches. There are some issues that startups often face when developing applications. Just like the obstacles they face during the initial stages, despite the efforts made by the firm, certain problems remain before their deployment on the App Store. Let’s take a look at these obstacles which, if not addressed properly, can cause the application to crash. Common Troubles of Startups With Mobile App Development

Highly competitive market

Whether it’s a mobile or web app launch, it is natural that competition exists. Millions of apps already exist on the Apps and Play Store and yours will have to survive stiff competition. This is the initial challenge that every start-up must face and this obstacle must first be overcome by answering three simple questions:

What problem is solved by your application?

Does your application meet user needs?

What makes your app recommended?

One way to overcome this problem is to promote your app in the language that users understand.

Budget issues

Investing in the app is the biggest issue for startups. Thousands of dollars are spent by large businesses and even if half of that budget is earmarked for small businesses, it could still cost them dearly. Until it gets on the right track and begins to generate income, this is an investment risk and therefore it is essential to find an investor up front. If your idea for an app is strong, you might soon find a contributor.

Device compatibility

It is difficult for startups to decide which device should be chosen for development. If the target audience is specific, iPhone app development or Android app development can be started, but if one does not want to go to a specific platform. Hybrid application development can also be done. Also, the budget and maintenance will be different for different platforms and devices.


This is not only a major part of the design, but also an important factor in improving the user experience. A simple, easy-to-navigate design is always recommended. It could be that the perfect navigation menu on the developer side is confusing on the user side and while that is hard to believe, it also affects the number of downloads. It may include a tutorial or helpful instructions to troubleshoot navigation issues.

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