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Tips for Effective Mobile App Deployment

But simply deploying a popular mobile app doesn’t guarantee its effective use. Mobile applications deployed in an enterprise must be compatible not only with the technological understanding of the workforce, but also with the mobile demands of its services and target audience. Here are some simple tips for deploying the best mobile apps for your business:

1. Decide between in-house application development team and outsourcing – This is a question most companies face when formulating an application deployment strategy. While companies prefer internal development because it lowers overall costs, mobile analysts believe that the creation and deployment of applications should be outsourced to a team of professional software developers. Not only is a company’s internal IT team less equipped with the tools they need to build the right mobile app, they are also less experienced with the issues of proper deployment. For small businesses that do not have the resources for enhanced deployment of mobile applications, help from independent developers may be supported.

2. Decide in advance which mobile devices and operating system platforms to support – According to reports released this year, Android will be the primary operating system until 2016. However, one company does not. should not overlook the importance of platforms like iOS, BlackBerry and Windows Phone. . Analysts say that if companies are deploying devices purely for workforce empowerment and to keep them efficient in the workplace, Apple and iOS mobile devices should be the platform of choice. On the other hand, if operating system platforms are deployed primarily to support business partners, customers, and vendors, Android and Windows are the best platform. mobile app development company

3. Make sure you really need it – A business should first make sure it needs a mobile app or mobile website. Just because app deployment is the current trend in the mobile market, doesn’t mean every business needs an app to get the job done. Getting an HTML version of the current website is sufficient for businesses that do not require control or input over GPS location data, multi-touch screen, accelerometer data, offline working, and camera. For example, if a company just needs to send reports to their sales force, a mobile website does the trick. However, if accounts receivable cards are to be presented, the business must deploy mobile applications