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E Learning Services

E Learning Services, or electronic learning, is the delivery of learning and training through digital resources. Although online learning is based on formalized learning, it is delivered through electronic devices such as computers, tablets and even cell phones connected to the Internet. This makes it easy for users to learn anytime, anywhere, with little to no restrictions.

Basically, eLearning is training, learning or teaching delivered online through a computer or other digital device

Espirit technologies is one of the global eLearning service providers with strong expertise in personalized eLearning solutions, corporate learning, eLearning technology and learning support. In recent times, learning and training requirements have evolved, mixed across organizations, and undergone minor and major transformations over time. E Learning solutions offer complete flexibility by giving targeted learners the freedom to choose when, where and how to study.

At Espirit Technologies , we develop personalized content for eLearning courses, host content on companion websites and use the latest technology to reuse content in different formats. In addition, we also offer media development and integration facilities. The approach employed in each phase of content development is highly focused and tailored to individual and organizational needs. The Espirit Technologies team takes a problem-solving approach to every engagement. We pride ourselves on the flexibility of our suite of development strategies and our ability to match our strategies to your unique challenges. Our instructional designers, creative and technical writers, multimedia artists and technologists work together to design effective e-learning solutions that meet your training and business goals.

Partnering with us will provide you with benefits like:

Access to the world-class e-learning product engineering team

Specialized UI/UX team

Experience in working with a world-class e-learning platform

End-to-end e-learning product lifecycle management

Seamless Integration

SaaS e-learning Platform

For more information on E learning Services, please contact us at info@espirittech.com

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