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Best Automated Testing Tool QTP

As part of delivering a reliable & quality product to the client, Best Automated Testing Tool QTP Automation plays a major role.

With the increase in no. of mobile users, the demand for various business apps that shall acquire a complex structure comes into existence thereafter the difficulty levels of following a manual testing process increase.

Thus, intending to help in this very particular requirement and aiming to increase the overall software efficiency quickly with robust quality, automated testing tools came into progress.

Quick Test Professional:

Quick Test Professional (QTP) is one among those automation tools that efficiently & accurately executes the tests irrespective of the size and complexity of the application.

Some of the reasons to prefer QTP/UFT Automated Testing over other testing processes are…

  1. Quick Feedback
  2. Accelerated Results
  3. Bounded Business Expenses
  4. Improves Testing Efficiency
  5. Maximized Test Coverage
  6. Earlier detection of errs
  7. Attentiveness in Testing
  8. Faster Time-to-Market
  9. Information Security

Designed by Mercury Interactive and acquired by HP, a QTP (Quick Test Professional) is the best-preferred tool used for Automated Testing now.

As QTP/UFT uses VB script to automate applications, a technical & non-technical tester can work on it.

It can be used to test desktop & web-based applications as well as Business Process Testing (BPT), providing both Record & Playback features.

Supporting the largest pool of development environments, QTP helps in performing the automated functional testing uninterruptedly. Software Testing Services

So, having an efficient testing team or taking the assistance of an expert testing service provider would help an enterprise in getting the maximum benefits.

Also, our team at CAT Inc has already adapted to the latest updates & features of QTP/UFT like…

  • Supporting Windows 8.1, Windows server 2012 & testing on Safari browser
  • Receiving updates automatically on chrome store (UFT extension)
  • Create object repositories, record & run on Windows Run time Application
  • Feasibility extension for the modern and advanced technologies and environments
  • Working uncompromisingly to deliver the best quality & reliable end products, we can help you through this requirement flawlessly.

For more information on Best Automated Testing Tool QTP, please contact us at info@espirittech.com

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