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Android Vs. IOS App Development

Almost two-thirds of small businesses that built a mobile app for less than $30,000 (63%) developed exclusively for Android operating systems, compared to only 41% of companies that developed an iOS app for the same price.

small business owners and managers to learn about the cost of developing a mobile app. The data reveals that it is less expensive to develop for Android than iOS and to outsource app development than perform it in-house. Mobile App Development Company

The exact cost of app development, however, varies significantly based on each small business’s specific needs and location.

 Android’s favor is reduced cost, while native iOS apps allow for inclusion on the App Store.

Overall, many small businesses will decide to develop for both iOS and Android operating systems.

“Recent advancement in software development has allowed developers to build both iOS and Android apps using one code base instead of two, saving development hours and cost,”

Android apps have traditionally been more expensive for businesses, but frameworks such as React Native and Flutter are increasingly allowing businesses to cost-efficiently develop for both iOS and Android.

Outsourcing App Development Less Expensive Than In-House Development

About half of small businesses (49%) that outsourced to an app development company spent $30,000 or less to develop their app. Only 33% of small businesses that build a mobile app in-house matched that price.

  • Expertise: App developers are highly specialized and outsourcing offers efficiencies you can’t get in-house
  • Cost: When you outsource an app development project, you can often get a fixed price proposal, capping your project costs and limiting your financial risk

outsourcing app development serves to avoid the cost of hiring new employees and managing their work.

Still, some small businesses are willing to bear the cost of in-house app development in order to ensure quality.

“Having people who understand your business model and can easily work with the rest of your team