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Challenges For IOT

Security :

The IoT was initially presented as a hyper-secure network suitable for the storage and transmission of confidential data sets. While it is true that the IoT is more secure than the average Internet or LAN connection, it is not exactly the foolproof shell that some users expect.

The most important – and arguably intractable – challenge is the security or, more specifically, cybersecurity when it comes to information technology. It’s not just the data connection that is vulnerable, but everything that is connected to the actual hardware.

Imagine a smart manufacturing unit equipped with IoT sensors. A property manager or maintenance associate can use a mobile device to check device status, read incoming data, or send orders. But what if a foreign attacker takes control of the machine using a known vulnerability or weak security measures to gain access


Home mesh networks are an area where compatibility issues are emerging. Bluetooth has long been the compatibility standard for IoT devices. In fact, it was named after an ancient king, Harald Bluetooth, known for unifying warring tribes. But when it comes to home automation using a mesh network, several competitors have arisen to challenge Bluetooth mesh network offerings, including protocols like Zigbee and Z-Wave. It may be years before the market stabilizes enough to crown a single universal standard for home IoT.Mobile App Development Company

The continued compatibility of IoT devices also depends on users updating and patching their devices, which as we just said can be quite difficult.

Connectivity :

This model is sufficient for today’s IoT ecosystems, where tens, hundreds or even thousands of devices are involved. But when networks grow to reach billions and hundreds of billions of devices, centralized systems turn into a bottleneck. Such systems will require huge investment and expense to maintain cloud servers capable of handling such large information exchanges, and entire systems can go down if the server becomes unavailable.

The future of IoT will largely depend on the decentralization of IoT networks. Part of this can become possible by moving some of the tasks to the edge, like using fog computing models where smart devices like IoT hubs take over critical operations and cloud servers take over data collection and analytical responsibilities.